My Brestrogen Review and Results


Brestrogen cream arrival

Hi. I am Britney Hughes. I wrote this blog to tell others about my personal journey using Brestrogen.

I used to be a bra size of 32A and got bullied at school for it. Even into my 20s, this has been a mental issue with confidence and a low self-esteem. Yes, I was insecure and felt that a guy would never want me. I started trying different products such as pills and other creams but the results were fairly disappointing.

I was introduced to Brestrogen from a friend of mine studying pharmaceuticals who had been told about this revolutional cream by her professor at university. Obviously excited to hear that it has been recommended by a professor of pharmaceuticals, I immediately went online and bought it.

My Brestrogen Results

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I have been using Brestrogen for 12 weeks now, and I am extremely happy with the results. Just 6 weeks into using Brestrogen, I had to go out and buy new bras which were a 32B! I was so excited about this and to celebrate, I went to the beach with my friends. All my friends couldnít believe the difference and for the first time I felt confident in a bikini top.

Now into my 12th week, I am almost a C cup and seriously canít wait to buy a new bra. It may seem vein but it really has made a difference to my life. I feel confident for the first time ever in my life.

My plan is to continue using Brestrogen until I am a C cup at which I will then stop using the cream.

My Sisterís Results

I have also shared this with my sister who delivered twins last year because Brestrogen is not only good for enlarging but also for firming. While her breasts are bigger than mine, hers have started sagging due to breastfeeding and drastic weight loss. Sheís been using her bottle of Brestrogen for about a month, and she is now seeing great results of her chest becoming tighter and firmer.

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I have added Brestrogens breast enlargement calculator which they sent to me which will give you an average idea of your expected results. Choose your current breast size and then how long you plan to use Brestrogen, then click 'Calculate Now'.

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